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I always strugle to decide which cosmetics are must haves and which are just luxury so I buy them all. I recently went through the products and selected those three which I believe are worth writing about for different reasons.          I believe it is important to understand what our complexion needs and build individual little routine hopefully avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

YES! Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Serum, every woman every night! (from £49)


I am usually quite sceptic about High Street cosmetic brands as there is usually more marketing than science behind them. I only decided to try Estee Laude after grabbing a sample from the counter and strong assurance from the sales assistance that this serum will transform my complexion.
Advanced Night Repair delivers great results after just one use. It became the staple in my evening regime.
Serum brightens, hydrates as it contains hyaluronic acid and genuinely helps improving skin texture. I find it effective on spots and pigmentation as well. It also has anti aging and purifying qualities.
I introduced it to few of my friends and they fell in love instantly and now make sure not to ever be without it.

NO…Rodial Glamoxy 15% Fruit Acid Exfoliating Pads – pricey mistake (£48 at space nk)


It is being advertised as at-home facial peel with fruit acids recomended to apply morning and evening. Pads suppose to get rid of dead skin, brighten and even-tone the skin.
My experience with these pads was terrible. Even used only once a day or every other day, Rodial left my face iritated and red. After using it for a week my skin was coverd with spots. I immediately stopped using the product and it took me a week to recover from this disaster.
I was hoping to return the exfoliating pads however Rodial customer service was as useless as the product itself and I was left overally dissatisfied.
There are so many effective exfoliators such as Indeed Labs Facial Exfoliator or Una Brennan’s Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro polish wash, both available in Boots for the fraction of Rodial’s price.

MAYBE? Sampar – Skin Quenching Mist (£16 at


Mist is a pleasure to use, it is not a must have however great as a little extra.
I like using mist right after washing my face in the morning and before applying serum at night in the place of my usuall toner. I also find it a treat at work when my skin is constantly exposed to aircondition.
Sampar is great for my sensitive skin, makes it soft and hydrated instantly.
I often use it on holiday, find it extremely refreshing while on the beach.
Mist is a mixture of esential oils – geranium, lime and orange blosom water and urban advance complex ( shea butter, mint, probiotic sugar). Such combination works on your senses to calm, rebalance and protect your complexion in the same time.

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