Weekend in Paradise – Tofo, Mozambique

tofo beach in the morning

Mozambique is regrettably not the most popular holiday destination amongst tourists however I am sure one day it will be…

If you are looking for turquoise water, beautiful weather, delicious food and escape from civilization – this is it, barely any hotels, tourists and typical commercial places and behaviours so characteristic to more popular holiday destinations.

Anna in Tofo


My husband and myself went to Tofo, seaside area in the Inhambane province while on holiday in Mozambique in October and fell in love instantly.

We have stayed there for 6 days in the private villa in Tofinho (a short walk from Tofo) situated 3 minutes walk from the beach. You can rent the accommodation out for quite cheap in Casa John.

Tofo was advertised to us by local friends as the perfect place to slow down, relax and forget about entire world, they couldn’t be more right. We enjoyed every second.

I will document two days of our breath-taking journey to give you an idea about the place and maybe one day you’ll follow our footsteps.



5:00 am – sunny and bright morning, walk along the beach and watch dolphins jump


6:30 am – breakfast, porridge with freshly cut papaya on the veranda with an ocean view

9:00 am – trip to Tofo beach, the most popular in the area  – we were lazy and drove down but the distance is perfectly walkable (15 mins), while there I truly enjoyed the sunbathing and refreshing swim every hour, weather was perfect, 28 C with a breeze and just right level of humidity hence no feeling of burning sun

We were approached by people time to time wanting to sell us local goods such as cashew nuts and coconuts which kept us going in the meantime.

12:00 pm – lunch at Branko’s, tiny “restaurant” which serves such amazing food we could be eating there every day, we ordered their speciality, “hot rock”. We were brought to the table super hot stone followed by garlic marinated tuna stake and calamari, very lavish lunch or dinner will cost you around £20.

We grilled our dishes ourselves, just the way we liked them and enjoyed with side salad and cold beers. Amazing!


3:00 pm – trip to Inhambane, the closest town (20 mins drive) where you can shop for your breakfast goods or buy some fruits and fish in the local food market, it is also a great place to exchange your currency and purchase souvenirs, overall prices are much lower than in Tofo just make sure you negotiate them down and don’t let locals to rip you off

If you enjoy fishing, there is also a wide pier where you can park yourself with the rod, unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish hence bought fresh calamari



6:00 pm – dinner/supper, Mr K was kind enough to grill a fish for us which we bought from the fisherman early morning

8:00 pm – bedtime, after an amazing day it got windy, cold and dark very quickly, we felt exhausted and without the TV or Internet to disturb us we kissed the pillows goodbye…

Tofo is generally treated as Mozambique touristic spot but as we visited outside of the season there weren’t many people around. Please do not expect wild night life, modern shops and sleek resorts, it’s rather small, quiet area in Africa with limited access to Internet and the rest of the world.



6:00 am – early start, enjoying the views, sounds of the nature and freshly squeezed fruit juice

7:30 am – breakfast, fried prawns and calamari with garlic and lemon


9:00 am – Ocean Safari, amazing trip with a group of 5 people and speed boat crew, we managed to see humpback whale and turtle and also swam (my brave husband did) with dolphins and whale sharks, We went with the safari provider (“Diversity Scuba”)which was very professional and friendly

ocean safari

12:00 pm – lunch at Tofo Tofo restaurant, situated a bit further from the seafront however offering delicious meals, I enjoyed fish stew while Martin ordered fish of the day, friendly atmosphere and not too crowded, price range comparable to Branko’s

2:00 pm – trip to Flamingo Bay, 15 minutes drive from Tofo, beautiful resort with little cottages looking a lot like typical Maldives style set up. We weren’t lucky enough to see any Flamingos however decided to indulge in delicious deserts and cocktails in the resort, staff was very welcoming

flamingo bay

Flamingo bay

4:00 pm – swim in the Ocean in Tofo and have coconut oil massage on the beach to soothe the sunburn followed by the come back visit at Branko’s  for “hot rock” style beef steak and freshly baked crispy pizza.

Life is great!


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