Treasures of the UK – High Rocks in Kent

High Rocks Kent

Beautiful June’s weather encouraged Mr K and myself to escape to the great outdoors. He was kind enough to treat me to a visit in Kent. I was positively surprised that an hour drive away from home I could have spent a relaxing afternoon picnicking surrounded by rocks, flowers and squirrels.

Kent High Rocks

High Rocks are situated just outside of Tunbridge Wells  and their history goes back to millions of years B.C. They survived ice age, iron age and in the first century A.D. during the invasion of the Romans under the Emperor Claudius, Rocks served as a fortification. They also worked as a shelter for people of early ages.

High Rocks

Sandstone Rocks are surrounded by stunning ancient oaks, tall pines and beech trees which grow out of the rocks. Worth noticing are also magnificent flowers and bridges which interlink the Rocks.

High Rocks Anna

High Rocks in Kent are one of the renowned destination for rock climbers and names of those most popular are craved on the Rocks. It now become a tradition for all visitors to sign theirs names as well.

High Rocks Kent

High Rocks Kent

The area is also well known wedding spot, there is a beautiful venue, small hotel across the road, perfect for intimate summer wedding. There is definitely no doubt that High Rocks with their breathtaking flora would create a perfect scene for the wedding photos after the ceremony.

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