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Tolpa is a polish skincare brand which absolutely stole my heart. It is natural, simple and performs really well. They offer a wide range of skin body and hair products for both men and women. Tolpa targets women and man who know exactly what they want, making their buying decisions based on their needs rather than impulse. They are a huge advocate of not wasting the products and buying only necessary goods, always happy to offer samples to try first.

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I have a sensitive skin and after having tried hundreds of skincare brands I found Tolpa a solid performer. I started my journey from skincare, through body care and most recently discovered hair range as well. It is affordable yet effective and fuss free. Tolpa has a good selection of travel size products which is also very handy for those who are on the road quite often.

Tolpa’s cleansers, creams or serums don’t contain super duper active ingredients but mainly include botanical ingredients generated from plants such as rose, hibiscus and white flowers. Brand doesn’t use any harsh ingredients or mineral oils in general hence is suitable for sensitive skin such as mine. They offer quite a number of different ranges so everyone should find something for their particular skin type. My favorite by far is the cleansing water, even better than beloved Bioderma. These cosmetics will not make your skin miraculously wrinkle free, lifted appearance but can definitely offer a healthy, glowing and moisturized skin. I would compare it to nuxe or origins but with less chemicals and more affordable price tag. Definitely much better than any high street brands you can get from boots.

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Not long ago I started using Tolpa on my hair as well as struggled to find a shampoo or conditioner which is not packed with silicone. Massive advantage of the haircare is that it doesn’t contain parabens as well.

I can’t praise  Tolpa’s body care enough. I am not huge on body balms, butters and scrubs but the calming yet refreshing scent of Tolpa’s range make me want to use them more often. I also am never without their hand cream. Large tube got a stable place on my night table and the travel size never leaves my handbag. Black rose smells amazing and works wonder on my hands and nails.

Brand has been awarded number of  industry awards over the last few years and is available in UK online.

Tołpa’s motto is ”mała wielka pielęgnacja” which means „small big care” and really refers to little but thought through regular steps will lead to a big result. Less is more really is truthful in this case!

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