SPF – Why You Should Always Wear It

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We all love sun and probably after such a long Winter in the UK we can’t wait for a tiniest glimpse of it. Looking at the weather forecast there  is a slight chance that the warmer temperatures are round the corner hence I thought it is a good time to remind everyone about the right protection before the sun exposure.

As it is commonly known, sunlight consists of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Not all are aware that UVA rays present during the day are the most important factor of premature aging of the skin. They may also cause photo-sensitivity reactions and can play an important part in skin cancer.

I do spread the word constantly about the importance of using an spf especially in the summer where we spent more time outside. I implemented applying and SPF as a routine into my daily skincare regime and seen the difference after just two weeks. Especially after using Retinols or Vitamin C treatments, the skin is way more sensitive towards the sunlight and we may be exposed to a serious damage, burns or at least discoloration.

I have read a lot of articles and academic studies regarding this subject and all of them are pretty much confirming that UV rays are the 70% of a cause of the skin aging. Pigmentation, wrinkles, dryness are only some of the short term visible outcomes.  Skin cancer is unfortunately on the rise which fact should really make us think twice before we expose ourselves to the sun without the sunscreen. Is that golden complexion really worth the risk? Definitely not – especially that Egyptische Erde can do the job just fine!

I use the sunscreens which are really there to protect against the UV rays with the factors spf30 or spf50 due to my pale complexion. There are filters also included in moisturizers and make up but they are usually not higher than spf15. My latest discoveries are Bioderma tinted protective cream spf50 and Nuxe – slightly lighter version with spf30. Both perfectly comfortable to use under make up.


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