Night time routine – old staples and new gems!


Night is the time when our skin regenerates, heals and renew itself. It is when the skin temperature rises so the products penetrate deeper into the layers. Also it is the time when the active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C work more effective as the skin is not exposed to sunlight which weakens their effectiveness.


I always wash my face two or even three times in the evening as due to make up, pollution and other environmental factors it is quite dirty in the evening and cosmetics will not be able to work hard at night if we don’t prepare complexion correctly.

nightime routine pm

I start from removing my eye make up and then apply balm cleanser, there are quite a few good ones on the market. I recently used Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser and then followed with Peter Thomas Roth’s Gentle Foaming cleanser. Both however difficult to buy in UK which is a real shame as these are reasonably priced, gentle to the skin solid performers.

To finish of the preparation I either wipe the last bits with Tolpa Micellar Water or spritz it with the toning mist from the same brand. I also like Tata Harper’s mist but use it mostly in the morning to awaken my senses.

retinol fusion pm

After properly prepped skin I then apply one of the treatment products, depending of the current concern or need of my complexion. I would apply Obagi vit C serum twice weekly and then Peter Thomas Roth retinol serum. I follow these with an eye cream, currently using Organic Pharmacy one and the moisturizer. As I am a fun of local goods I brought the seaweed an collagen cream by Green Angel from Ireland which I found very soothing.decleor balm

I usually would indulge in Decleor’s night balm or Tarte Maracuja Oil in between retinoid or vit c treatments. I love the way they soften my skin and restore its glow. I have been a fun of Decleor’s skincare for good few years now and always come back to the balms. I remember when Darphin’s and Decleor’s were almost the only ones to use oils in their regimes before the entire world gone crazy about them!

Worth baring in mind that sooner we apply the products – longer they will work on our skin. Best idea is to cleanse or face as soon as we get home, if that’s not possible it’s recommended to do it before 10 pm. Oh and let’s do not forget about 7-8 hours of sleep. That is the best beauty routine of all!


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