Massage: No pain no gain: Thai Massage Vs Lomi Lomi

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Whether touched by a feather or walked all over, you will end up paying the same price. Is it always worth to spend 50-60 pounds for an hour of backrub?

The answer is no. Pressure is the key and that’s what we should be looking for.

I had the opportunity to work with highly qualified therapists from Europe end Asia for over 3 years and even though the techniques were different they all aimed to apply strong pressure. However many places will invest in modern decor, comfortable beds and luxurious oils instead of massage itself.

 Slow movements, relaxing music and intoxicating aromas is what most of us associate massage with. Sadly that’s an expensive way to relax for an hour without any real long-term benefits.

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My advice: Pain is good! 

Try Thai, deep tissue or sports massage. You won’t really relax during it but deep pressure will get rid of the main source of your pain. A good therapist will be able to find the tension either in your back, neck, head, hips or legs and try to work on the knots which are causing the pain in different parts of your body.  Often the pain in your shoulders might be a result of tension in your neck in which case soft massage with essential oils all over the body won’t solve the issue.


I would recommend:

Traditional Thai massage: My favorite! Involves lots of stretching, walking, cracking your back and moving your body into many different positions. Numerous movements will allow better access to different parts of your body.  No bed, no oil. You will be fully dressed and the massage will take place on the floor.

Not the most enjoyable massage but feeling of relief after 2-3 days is guaranteed!

Modern Thai massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage can be less intensive on a massage couch with oil. You will be able to lay down more comfortably.

Pressure can be applied by hands and elbows or even by knees and feet for even greater pressure.


General rule: 

Ask for medium to strong massage and try to understand that a little pain is good for you. If it hurts that means it’s working.

Useful tip: 

Invest in “Tiger balm”. Original herbal formula form China helps to reduce tension in your muscles. You should always carry it with you and ask your therapist to apply small amount on sore areas. Available in: pharmacies, China town London, online or several massage salons. Cost: around 5 pounds

tiger balm

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