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Make up is like our second skin. Most of us ladies apply make up every day. Some of us to cover imperfections of our skin and the other to boost confidence and feel better. I have loved make up since forever. I still remember the smell of Yardley powder my mum used and a deep red shade of the Mrs Walewska lipstick she applied all these years ago.

I started my journey with make up when I was about 16, application of mascara seemed like a challenge back then but it is a bread and butter now. Everyone knew my obsession with lip glosses and the times when I was buying them on every school trip instead of snacks as they weren’t as easily accessible in the town I lived in.

I believe everyone’s relationship with the make up is rather personal depending what you would like to achieve. I now built like a staple everyday routine and only adjust it slightly on theses special occasions when I am going out. I am obviously changing cosmetics very often as love trying new products so usually product varies from foundation through to blusher to lipstick/lip gloss. Helena Rubinstein mascara and chanel waterproof pencil seem like the only staple in my beauty bag.

My current routine is simple as I have a very limited time in the morning before catching a 7:35 train to the City.

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I start from prepping the skin, cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc and then apply a primer – most recently discovered “in transit camera close-up” by thisworks and it actually does the job just fine. Make-up seems to be staying for a bit longer without the need of touching up. I leave it for couple of minutes to absorb and then follow with the foundation which is of course my beloved light wonder nr 3 from Charlotte Tilbury collection. The entire beauty world is hooked by this product, so am I. It is lightweight, leave the complexion with discrete healthy glow and is affordable. Even though it is nowhere near price wise comparing to other high end foundations such as by Terry or la Prairie it really performs well especially in the summer when there is no need for heavy duty coverage. I st it with talk free setting powder from Chantecaille – quite pricey however lasts really long so worth a splurge. Laura Mercier offers a similar product as well.

Also if needed I highlight the under eye area with rather obvious choice, famous Touche Eclat by YSL. I tried quite a few highlighters/concealers and this is really fuss free and works well, brightens and gives you 8 hour sleep appearance. I also cover any other imperfections with it especially around the nose and lips area. Best to get it at the airport as it is always on offer there and last me about a year.

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To finish of the face I swipe my favorite by Terry Densiliss blush over my cheeks andGuerlain Meteorites pearls all over my face. by Terry bush is without the doubt the most expensive staple in my beauty bag but is unfortunately irreplaceable. Nothing gives such a subtle, long lasting natural enhancement to your complexion as this magic product. I tried nars, tarte, tom ford and nothing worked as well for me as by Terry. Chantecaille cheek shade blush was the closest so far. Meteorites pearls are really a must have for every girl, it is an absolute joy to apply them all over, they work like a veil on the skin and the scent make you feel like a proper lady!

helena rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara does not have a competition on the market, it makes every type of lushes looking incredible, deep black and separated. Chanel pencil is great because it lasts while all others smuggled all around the eyelid. Same goes to Chantecaille Eye Shadows, they do not stay in creases and last solid 10 hours and are very subtle. My favorite everyday shades are shell and coriander. There is a huge variation of shades so everyone should find their perfect match.


I do tint my brows once a month so do not waste any time in the morning to make them look presentable.

I finish the look of with either a gloss or lipstick – my go to products at the moment are chantecaille lip chic, shiny lipstick which has a lasting power of a lipstick but shines like a gloss. I use either geranium – orange shade or tea rose – reddish pink. Really the best lipstick of this kind on the market. In terms of classic glosses – Marc Jacobs leads the way with pink flamingo!


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