Is facial oil a must?

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Yes, yes, yes! Oil is a must. It’s great for the face and hair.

I started using oils long ago, way before they took over the beauty world.

There was not much of a choice 10 years ago, the most popular being Neroli Oil from Decleor.

I love oils so madly I use them day and night on my face and on my hair and find each of them delivering amazing results, especially on improving skin texture.


My favourites are:

By Terry Huile de Rose oil: beautiful smell of roses soothes your senses, lasts forever as you only really need couple of drops. It does the job of healing, nourishing, hydrating, firming and perfecting the skin just great. It is not too rich and does not make my reactive skin to either break out or go red! I usually apply it in the evening after cleansing and toning, before  Estee Lauder’s night repair serum.

L’Occitane Divine youth oil: another very good, anti-aging blend of Immortelle, camelina, borage, rosehip oils which is slightly lighter than By Terry hence I tend to use it in the morning underneath my moisturizer. It balances my combination skin really well and also seems to work wonders on clearing spots.

Clarins Blue Orchid oil is similar in texture to L’Occitane oil, smells amazing and hydrates well, can be used morning or night. Clarins recommends applying it before bedtime and do not follow with the night cream for the first 2 weeks of using to get the best results. Please however use it accordingly to your skin needs at the time, should be fine on its own for some might need a top up on others.


Fleuressence Cell oil Goldfaden MD and Z-22 Absolute Face oil Zelens  are my latest discoveries. I have only sampled them for two weeks each but that was long enough to fall in love, great texture and fantastic results, Goldfaden being a bit richer, hence I prefer to use it alone at night,  packed with botanicals, fruit extracts and natural oils,  promises to replenish hydration, improve skin colour, tone and boost radiance, it does work.

As for Zelens, another winner product next to their transformer mask. Lightweight formula, can be added to moisturizer; brightens the skin and protects against the environmental stresses.

I also like  African Marula oil and Coconut oil but mainly use those on my hair, warm up and apply one or the other half an hour before shampooing. I find them useful in strengthening my hair. They became much shinier as well.

I would not recommend using coconut oil on the face, it left mine irritated, red and with blocked pores. Definite no go!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil has also been a guest in my collection however never really figured what is it best for. It is advertised as multitasker: face, hair and body but for some reason I do not find it great for any of those. It leaves my skin irritated, hair a bit straw like, as for body, you really need to use quite plenty for it to be useful. Not a winner for me. Smells great though!

All in all I would suggest to everyone to use some kind of an oil, as long as it’s pure, preferably organically sourced and natural (make sure it is nothing like mineral oil based – BIO OIL) it shouldn’t harm you and can help calm your skin, get rid of scars and make your complexion generally brighter and better looking. Depending on your budget, oils range from £16.50 (TrilogyCertified Organic Rosehip Oil) to £105 (Fleuressence Cell oil Goldfaden MD).



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  • Please upload more posts because I really enjoy reading them! Which one of your oils is your personal favourite? ^*-*^ <3

    • Thank you, I am trying my best to speed up my writing! I am in love with by terry in evenings and l’occitane in the morning at the moment.

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