Downpatrick Head – thanks a million Ireland


Ireland, the home country of U2, Westlife also The Corrs and The Cranberries, was always my childhood dream to go to. I still remember these times when we were searching for Irish pubs to go to and feel the taste of Ireland.  Irish music and history have fascinated me for years.


Mr K and myself visited Ireland last August and unsurprisingly were hugely impressed with the country. We loved the nature, food, culture and people of course – warm, welcoming, happy and upbeat in spite of pouring rain on daily basis. Ireland caught our hearts with its outstanding nature, beautiful green fields and crystal clear air. I enjoyed drinking creamy Guinness and indulging in seaweed bath. I also couldn’t be happier with my woolen  scarf from Foxford which keeps me warm every day during this cold winter days and reminds me of a wonderful time we spent in the “Green Island”.


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We stayed in Enniscrone in county Sligo from where we took a short trip to Downpatrick Head. The drive was pleasant ant the weather surprisingly sunny.  When we got to Downpatrick Head I had my breath taken away.  The view was incredible, one of the best I have had a chance to see across the world. Beautiful cliffs, sculptured by the water were super green and had a beautiful shape. It felt like we stand at the top of the world.

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We have seen a lot of stunning places in Africa, Caribbean or Asia but must admit that Downpatrick Head would be definitely the one to remember as incredible. I still can’t believe that an hour away by plain from London you can feel the time passing slower and truly relax.

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