Basics of daily skin care: Morning


My dear friends who have been waiting for this blog for months we are finally here!!!

To start with I would like to write this most important post about daily care for your skin.

Even if it is the first and the last article you read here please remember that you have only one skin so it is worth investing in some time and money!
Please find below all the steps I find useful to take every day and my skin love me for it, yours will too…
It is worth noting that no two complexions are the same and your skin may need different products depending on its condition so remember to adjust accordingly.

For the less caring of us please at least remember to take three necessary actions: clean, tone, moisture if you have to skip everything else.s

I will be reviewing the most interesting cosmetics as we go. Let’s start from the beginning!




  1. Wash your face ladies!!! Seems obvious but not for everyone, this shine on your face, that’s not a glow, it’s a sweat!!!
    I love using light refreshing cleansers and foams in the morning with powerful wake me up effect.
  2. Toner or mist is great to apply next, hydrates and balances the skin
  3. Oil – my absolute must have especially in the winter when my sensitive skin is terrorized by air-condition, heating and cold
  4. Eye cream – I am lucky not to struggle with particular problems such as dark circles or crow’s feet but wrinkle prevention is the top priority at my age
  5. Hydraluron – pure hyaluronic acid, great to keep the water in your skin. I love it, will surely review it separatelyYou can use any alternative serum here – depending on the needs of your skin, brightening, anti-aging
  6. Moisturiser – preferably with spf, make sure you pick the one suitable for your skin type and avoid mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum based products!!! It blocks pores, let your skin breath

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