Basics of daily skin care: Evening

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Hello ladies, I hope we all learned morning steps and follow them daily…

Now is the time for night time treats.


  1. I usually start from removing my eye makeup, inexpensive, not too invasive, preferably double effect formula such as Nivea or L’Oreal will do the job just fine
  2. Cleanse my skin properly with balm cleanser and hot flannel or light wash
    Balm Cleansers have proven very popular and effective and I am a huge fun as long as they are not mineral oil based. You also got to be patient and make sure to remove them correctly from the skin, I tried many available on the market and will surely keep you posted which ones are worth trying
  3. Tone or spritz, exactly like in the morning to restore the balance, love Caudalie elixir or Chantecaille Rose Water
  4. Facial oil or hydraluron depending on skin needs – oil is my personal favourite especially in the winter
  5. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II – a must have for my skin and proven to be very effective on my friends skin too
  6. Light hydrating moisturiser

Those simple steps are key to keep your skin in the top condition.


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