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Cleansing is hands down the most important part of a daily skincare routine.

These 5 minutes a day might change the way your skin appears.

What is more without effective cleansing none of your super serums, oils or creams will be absorbed into the skin and work effectively.

Make sure you do not skip or rush this step in your beauty regime. Proper cleanse will help to remove leftover dirt, makeup and bacteria as well as sebum, the barrier created by skin surface. Let’s also do not forget how damaging pollution can be to our complexion.

I used countless of cleansers throughout my life.

As briefly mentioned in “Basics of daily skincare” articles, morning cleanse is extremely important to remove the sweat and prepare the skin for absorbing oil, serum and cream.

Chose the right products depending on your skin’s needs and condition. I like to use a wash in the morning and balm in the evening.

cleansing morning

I tend to pick refreshing, citrusy,  morning cleansing gels such as Clarins Energising Gel or Pure Melt alternatively Ole Henriksen Red Tea Foaming Cleanser. My newest find Skin Nutrition cleansing gel took over at the moment. Made of  super berry, Vitamin C and Opuntia, it cleans thoroughly and is a pleasure to use with its invigorating smell.  Mixed with water doesn’t foam – does not contain skin irritating sulfates. It leaves my skin soft and ready for the next steps of the routine.

I try to keep the morning cleanse quick, on the other hand I really enjoy to take longer in the evening. I remove the eye make up first and than massage a cleansing balm into the skin. I tested few of those so far, Emma Hardie is very popular, reasonably priced and effective, so as Liz Earle (available at large Boots store). The secret of using balms is in washing them off correctly with the hot cloth. If you don’t do it properly you might be left with oily residue and clogged pores. All balms do similar job in cleansing, relaxing and pampering your skin, some like Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm also detoxifies and lightly exfoliates. As majority of them are essential oil based they work as aromatherapy treatment as well, The Organic Pharmacy, Carrot Butter cleanser is a good example.

Cleansing evening

I always make sure that any cosmetics I use are made of good quality ingredients. I avoid Sulfates and mineral oil. Why would I want to clog my pores with paraffinum? Definite no go for me, fyi – super famous Eve Lom cleanser is mineral oil based – shame!

Some people also like to use cleansing waters and milk to clean their face. In my opinion those are good as a first cleanse (milk) or a second cleanse/toning (micellar/cleansing water). I can not really imagine properly washing my sensitive complexion without water. Milks are usually just spreading dirt around the face and cleansing waters are great for traveling and quick fix only.

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