Avocado oil – secret to lustrous locks

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There is no better accessory than healthy, shiny hair.

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I had mine colored with Goldwell BondPro+ recently after deciding to come back to light blond.  BondPro+ is a hair protective system, very similar to Olaplex or Niophlex which prevents hair damage during coloration. It really does work – hair is not brittle and weak but strong and glossy.

To maintain its condition I started using Avocado oil on my hair. It contains mono saturated fatty acids, antioxidants  such as Vitamin E, proteins, vitamins, potassium and other minerals.

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I massage it into my scalp and hair from root to ends and leave it overnight.

I found it exceptionally effective in moisturizing dry and damaged hair from unhealthy diet, heat styling and pollution (city girls especially exposed).

It adds shine to tired, weak and over processed hair. Avocado oil also stimulates blood flow to hair follicles and helps to prevent hair loss as improves hair root.

You can purchase it from Waitrose or Costco, just make sure it  is good quality one – cold pressed and unrefined.

I apply it twice a week as I use Cacay oil in between which I think delivers even better results but is less affordable and more difficult to get hold off. It is worth trying though as it makes a massive difference in your hair condition which is important when you want to grow it long.

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Both oils can also be used as face moisturizer or night serum which means good value for money :)

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