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sam farmer

Something great for my younger fans this time. People should learn how important it is to take care of their complexion as early as possible. Being a teenager, experiencing changes to your body is stressful enough so let’s at least make sure your skin doesn’t give you unnecessary trouble.

Sam Farmer’s range is perfect for young skin. It has gentle yet effective formulation so it won’t strip your skin off its natural moisture barrier however has the selection of active ingredients which help to protect the complexion against environmental damage. The duo which I tested – cleanser and moisturizer also manage to balance the skin out especially during the time when changes in hormones production can make your skin either oily with spots or super dry and dehydrated. Products smell gorgeous – fresh and clean what makes application a pleasure. The range doesn’t cost a fortune either (£5.50 – £8). Fuss free simple packaging is unisex hence boys can go for it too!

Wash your face every day morning and evening and massage moisturizer into the skin afterwards and your skin will be pride and joy rather than embarrassment!


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